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Photographs provide more than a static visual record of where we've been and what we've seen. Snapshots or 'high art,' photographic imagery engages us in active thinking about experiences, events, people and places. An image may evoke powerful memories of sensations and emotions: the awe of an Easter sunrise mass overlooking Jerusalem ; the exhilaration of looking down on Macchu Picchu with friends after a long, hot climb; the sensation of snowflakes hitting one's eyelashes on a winter evening in Prague ; the rich smell of incense and burning candles in St. Peter's. Even the viewer who was not "there" at the time is invited to share in these experiences.

The images accessible through the links on this page represent the individual and collective experiences of hundreds of Notre Dame students who have spent a semester or year abroad in ISP programs. These photographs have been selected from among thousands of images submitted by program returnees to the Office of International Study Programs as part of the International Photography Contest. The contest was inaugurated in September 1999.

We hope that alums of Notre Dame's International Study Programs are encouraged to reflect on their experiences abroad when they look at these images. We also hope that prospective applicants to ISP programs are inspired by the experiences they represent.


Click here to view the contest rules and download a submission form.

Previous ISP Photo Contest Results:


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