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Program Housing Comments
Fremantle, Australia Dorms Students are assigned small single rooms in Port Lodge, a ND-exclusive facility on the NDA campus. Students are also assigned host families, but residence with these families is not possible.
Perth, Australia Dorms Dorm Room in Perth, AustraliaStudents apply for residence in Colleges affiliated with the U. of Western Australia and are assigned non-ND roommates. Placements are normally made in St. Thomas More College, a Catholic residential facility.
Innsbruck, Austria Dorms Home in Innsbruck, AustriaIn the language pre-session in Salzburg, students are housed in doubles or triples at the Hefterhof, a residential/teaching facility. In Innsbruck, students are assigned rooms in one of three dorms near the University of Innsbruck. Roommates are assigned by dorm staff, and are normally native German speakers (by ND request). Students are also assigned host families, but residence with these families is not possible.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Host families Students live with Brazilian families carefully selected by the on-site staff. Breakfast is provided by the host family and a stipend is provided for other meals and local transportation.
Santiago, Chile Host families Colorful houses in ChileStudents live with local Chilean host families carefully selected by the program coordinator. Meals are provided by the host family. Students commute to the university using local public transportation.
Shanghai, China Apartments, dorms or host family University campus in Shanghai, ChinaStudents choose their housing accommodations, but most live in apartments with two or more other students. Each student has own room and is provided with a bike to make the 10-minute ride to campus. The apartments offer more space and amenities than the dorm. An international dorm is available on campus with two students sharing each dorm room.
Cairo, Egypt Dorms or
Apartment accommodations are available, but this requires signing a lease good for at least a year. Most of our students stay in university housing (dorms).
Angers, France Dorms (pre-session only), then families For the language pre-session, students are assigned double rooms in a dorm near the university. Once the regular term begins, all students are assigned to local French host families.
Paris, France Dorms or apartments Eiffel Tower, Paris, FranceStudents will be housed in the Foundation des Etats Unis which has about 200 rooms, 50% of which go to students from the U.S. It also has kitchens and common areas. The Foundation is part of a complex made up of dormitories representing various nationalities and situated around gardens and courtyards.
Berlin, Germany Family (pre-session only); then dorms or apartments This program is run by the Berlin Consortium (headed by Columbia University). Students are assigned a host family for the first six weeks of language training. During the semester, students may opt to live in a dorm near the Frei Universitat, or in private apartments which they find for themselves.
Athens, Greece Apartments View of Grecian coastal townStudents live together in the Kolonaki neighborhood, about a twenty-minute walk from the Academic Center, in simply furnished apartments with basic cooking facilities.
Dublin, Ireland (UCD) Dorms Most students will live in the dormitories at UCD, sometimes with Irish and other international students. They prepare meals for themselves in the kitchens of their student accommodations. See Dublin Housing section for more details.
Dublin, Ireland (Trinity) Dorms or apartments Dublin, IrelandStudents will live either in apartment-style residences at Trinity College or in apartments in central Dublin found by program staff.
Jerusalem Dorms Community living situation. Housing is not exclusive to students.
Rome, Italy Apartments Tiber River in Rome, ItalyApartments are fully furnished with kitchen, living room and bathroom. There is a 24-hour concierge and daily cleaning service. There are 4-7 students per apartment and two students per bedroom within the apartment. Students must commute 30 minutes from residence to university
Nagoya, Japan Host family or dorms Student with host family, Nagoya, JapanStudents choose their housing accommodations, but most live with host families as dorm space is limited. Families must provide student with a single room. An hour commute is not uncommon. The dorms are close to campus and shared by four students. The apartment-style dorm unit provides a single bedroom for each student with communal living, kitchen, and bathroom space.
Tokyo, Japan Host family only Students are placed with host families and long commutes are not uncommon. Families must provide student with a single room.
Monterrey, Mexico Dorms or host family Students may choose to live in campus dorms or with families in Monterrey, in which case students are assigned, either individually or with a roommate, to homes selected by the program staff. Students living with families take most of their meals at home.
Puebla, Mexico Host family or dorms Campus in Puebla, MexicoStudents choose to live with a Mexican host family or in the university dorms with Mexican students. The dorms are nicely furnished, with pine furniture and cupboards. They are apartment-style, with four double rooms and a kitchen and a sitting area. Visiting students are placed with Mexican students in these facilities. Students will prepare their own meals, or buy them in the campus cafeteria or nearby restaurants. Students may also choose to live with a host family which has been carefully screened by program staff.
Toledo, Spain

Host family or dorms

View of Toledo, SpainStudents may choose between dorms or host family. The dorms are located in the same building as classes, cafeteria, computers, etc. Students can request a single, double or triple room in the dorms. Families must provide student with a single room. It is relatively easy to switch host families if problems arise. Students can live in the dorms and then switch to a host family or vice versa throughout the semester. Language learning is maximized in host family setting.

Summer London: UK
(summer only)


Students are housed in well-equipped (including kitchens) flats with 2 students per bedroom and approx. 4 to 5 bedrooms per flat. There is an on-site rector.


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