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Grades & Transcripts

At the end of your semester or year abroad, the foreign host institution or sponsoring organization (in the case of facilitated programs) will send a transcript with your final courses and grades to the Office of International Study Programs at Notre Dame. We will promptly process your grades and credits and submit them to the Notre Dame Registrar's Office. The Registrar will then record this information on your ND academic record and also post it to Irish Link. Most foreign institutions take a considerable amount of time to process transcripts and it is not unusual for study abroad grades to arrive at our office long after the semester has ended. You should expect a delay in grade reporting of at least 6 - 8 weeks after your program ends.


1) My grades from abroad haven't been posted on Irish Link yet. Why?
Before contacting the ISP Office or the Registrar, ask yourself: "Has it been more than 6 - 8 weeks since I've returned from my program?" If not, please be patient. The processing of transcripts from foreign universities usually takes about two months, and then it takes 1-2 weeks for the Registrar's Office to post the information on Irish Link.

2) Help! I need to send an updated transcript to [my insurance company, scholarship committee, graduate school] and my grades from abroad have not been reported yet!!
Unfortunately, we cannot do anything to speed up the processing of transcripts from abroad. However, our office will gladly write a letter on your behalf, verifying that you recently participated in a Notre Dame study abroad program and that the grades have not yet arrived, with an assurance that your updated transcript will be processed as soon as it becomes available. This letter will usually suffice to give you an extension on transcript deadlines.

3) I looked at my grades on Irish Link and there is a problem with a grade. Whom do I contact?
You should contact your program director at the ISP Office and also the professor who assigned the final grade or the Academic Director at your host institution.

4) I am applying to Graduate School and they require an official copy of my transcript from the abroad institution. How can I get this?
Your courses and grades from abroad will appear on your official Notre Dame transcript which you can request from the ND Registrar. However, if you need a transcript from the actual foreign host institution, you can contact the ISP Office (we may have a copy that we can give you) or contact the abroad institution directly.

5) How can I get an official Notre Dame transcript with my grades from abroad?

  • Go to the Registrar's website and fill in the transcript request form on-line
  • Visit the ND Registrar's Office, 105 Main Building and fill out a transcript request form


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