1.  Please fill in the Application for the Use of Materials and present it to a staff

2.  Materials housed in the Archives Center may be consulted only in the reading room.

3.  The Archives Center is a smoke free facility.  No food or beverages are permitted in
the reading room.

4.  The staff reserves the right to inspect all outdoor clothing, briefcases and handbags.

5.  Researchers are required to use pencils to take notes.  Under no circumstances are
notations to be made on manuscript materials.  Researchers are urged not to disturb
the order of manuscript material.

6.  Some manuscript collections are available to researchers subject to restrictions
placed on
them by the donors or the Province Archivist.  It is the researcher’s responsibility to
inform him/herself of the restrictions on any given collection by requesting that
information from a staff member.  In general, access to papers from the Provincial
Administrations of the Indiana Province is restricted for a sixty-year period.  Any special
requests for access to these records must be addressed in writing to the Province
Archivist.  Access authorization does not constitute permission to publish.

7.  All permissions to quote unpublished material or to reproduce any material found in
the Archives must be obtained in writing from the Province Archivist, then from any
necessary sources.  It is the researcher’s responsibility to be aware of the laws of
literary property rights, libel, privacy and copyright.

8.  Citations of unpublished material found in the Archives should be made in full.  For
example: Vincent McCauley to Theodore Mehling, April 5, 1959: “Provincial-
Correspondence” File, District of Uganda Collection, Indiana Province Archives Center.

9. A photo credit must accompany every published image.  For example: Indiana
Province Archives Center.

10.  Researchers are asked to donate to the Archives Center one copy of any
published work based on materials found in the Center or to notify the Center of the
publication, providing a
complete bibliographic citation.

11.  A reasonable amount of photocopying of materials may be requested at fees established
by the Archives staff.  Copies are provided for the personal use of the researchers and are
not to be sold, given away or copied.  Duplication of materials by the Center does not
constitute permission to publish.

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