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Manx Studies

MA in Manx Studies
University of Liverpool, Centre for Manx Studies,
Douglas, Isle of Man
Commencing October 2011

The MA in Manx Studies offers students the chance to study for a postgraduate qualification while spending a year on the beautiful Isle of Man, with its rich Celtic and Viking heritage. Although one of the British Isles, the Island is not part of the UK and has its own parliament, Tynwald.

The MA allows students to pursue a wide variety of subjects, which are taught with a combination of general study skills training, disciplinary background and Manx case studies. Students will learn about Manx history, archaeology, and culture, and will have the opportunity to learn Manx Gaelic and participate in Manx cultural events.

Please visit the Centre for Manx Studies website for more details. Dr Catriona Mackie
Lecturer in Manx Studies
University of Liverpool
Centre for Manx Studies
The Stable Building
The University Centre
Old Castletown Road
Isle of Man
Tel: 01624 695 777
Fax: 01624 695 783
Email: c.mackie@liverpool.ac.uk
Website: www.liv.ac.uk/manxstudies/people/mackie.htm

International Conference, New Light on Vernacular Architecture: www.liv.ac.uk/manxstudies/VernacularArchitecture.htm
Dr Catriona Mackie
Leaghteyr Studeyrys Manninagh
Ollooscoill Lerphoyll
Laare-Studeyrys Manninagh
Thie ny Gabbyl
Ynnyd yn Ollooscoill
Shenn Raad Valley Chashtal
Ellan Vannin