Faculty Directory--Mary Burgess

Keough-Naughton Asst. Director Sean O'Brien

Mary Burgess
Telephone (574) 631-0456
Facsimile (574) 631-3620
E-mail smyth.12@nd.edu

Mary Burgess, assistant professor in English, is a graduate of the University of St. Andrews and the University of Cambridge. Her Inventing ‘Northern Ireland’: Partition and the Modern Irish Canon, a major book based on her Ph.D. dissertation, will appear shortly in the Field Day Critical Conditions series, edited by Seamus Deane. It explores how the discourse of those writers and intellectuals who constructed an important Northern dimension to the Irish Literary Revival in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries was all but lost in the decades after partition, forming a cultural ballast to the constitutional and political settlements of 1921, before its sudden re-emergence in poetry and prose from the 1960s.

Burgess was the director of a highly successful conference on partition and memory here at Notre Dame in 2001, the proceedings of which will soon be published as a major collection of essays. She is also editing some newly discovered letters by John Mitchel, the nineteenth-century Irish republican activist and writer.