The Ireland Council


The University of Notre Dame maintains advisory councils for its principal academic components to advance their development in the broadest context. Council members participate in that development in several ways. By attending meetings, they acquire an understanding of the philosophy, plans and priorities of the University, in general, and of the institute, in particular. In turn, they, as members of Notre Dame's official family, share this understanding with others, serving as representatives of the University in the cities where they reside and in their respective business and professional communities.

Christopher Fox, Director Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies
Kathleen Andrews
Brian Clingen
Robert Conway
John Dooner
Mary Lee Duda
Donald Keough
Michael Keough
Peter Lawson
John Madden
Sophie Sweetman-McConnell
Andrew McKenna
Thomas Moore
Fergal Naughton
Martin Naughton
Michael O’Connor
Thomas O'Donnell
Niall O'Dowd
Jane Pfeiffer
J. Christopher Reyes
Phillip Rooney
Shirley W. Ryan
Rev. Timothy Scully, CSC
Michael Smurfit
Robert Sullivan, Jr.
Richard Sweetman
John Tynan
Robert Welsh
Meghan Whealan