Faculty Directory--Denis O'Hearn

Facsimile (574) 631-3620
E-mail o'hearn.5@nd.edu

Denis O'Hearn has written many books and articles on economic development particularly in Ireland; on social movements; and on political prisoners. He was among a small handful of people who predicted the demise of the "Celtic tiger" and his history of the Ireland in the world-economy -- The Atlantic Economy: Britain, the US, and Ireland -- won a distinguished scholar award from the American Sociological Association (2002). His biography of Bobby Sands, Nothing But an Unfinished Song (2006), is now considered a classic work on the recent northern Irish conflict and his book Il Diario di Bobby Sands: Storia di un ragazzo irlandese (2010, written with Laurence McKeown) won the 2011 Alessandro Tassoni Award for the book published in Italy that was most ‘innovative, inspired by values of freedom and committed to the building of a more just and democratic world’.