Jessica L. Collett

Associate Professor of Sociology
& Director of Graduate Studies
University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, IN 46556
jlcollett [at] nd [dot] edu

Forthcoming Publications:

Collett, Jessica L. and Omar Lizardo. 2014. “Localizing Cultural Phenomena by Specifying Social Psychological Mechanisms: Introduction to the Special Issue.” Social Psychology Quarterly.

DeLamater, John D., Daniel J. Myers, and Jessica L. Collett. 2014. Social Psychology, 8th Edition. Westview.

Recent Publications:

Seymour, Jeffrey, Michael Welch, Monique Gregg and Jessica L. Collett. 2014. “Generating Trust in Congregations: Engagement, Exchange, and Social Networks.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 53:130-44..

Lizardo, Omar and Jessica L. Collett. 2013. “Embarrassment and Social Organization: A Multiple Identities Model.” Social Forces 92:353-75.

Complete List of Publications

Recent Courses:
Introduction to Social Psychology
The Social Construction of Difference and Inequality
Socialization and the Life Course
Theories and Research in Social Psychology (Graduate Seminar)

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