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The Journal of College and University Law is published three times annually. Subscriptions are $75.00 annually for non-NACUA members; $37.50 annually for NACUA members; $85.00 annually for International. Single issues are available at $29.50.

Subscribing Journal of College and University Law
Click here to subscribe online. If you prefer to subscribe in another manner, please contact the the journal via email, phone, or print and complete the subscription form (pdf file) and fax or mail it to the following:

Journal of College and University Law
Notre Dame Law School
Room B-3
Notre Dame, Indiana 46556

Phone: 574-631-6749
Fax: 547-631-9299

Paid Subscription Renewal
Subscriptions will be automatically renewed unless a subscriber requests that the Journal discontinue the subscription.


Address Changes
Notifications of address changes should include both the old and new addresses, with zip codes. Please allow at least one month for changes to become effective.


Back Orders
To place an order for back issues (more than one year post production) of the Journal contact William S. Hein & Co., Inc., 1285 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14209; tel: (800) 828-7571.

Correspondence relating to NACUA membership matters should be addressed directly to the Association's national office at: Suite 620, One Dupont Circle, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036.

The Journal of College and University Law
B341 Biolchini Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556
Phone: (574) 631-6749
Fax: (574) 631-9299

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