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Latest News:


Jul. 2014 - Jongsik's paper was published in J. Matl. Chem. A


Jul. 2014 - Greg's paper was published in Catal. Sci. Tech.


Jul. 2014 - Nikhil Japtiwale joins the Hicks Group


July 2014 - Professor Hicks won NSF CAREER Award!


Mar. 2014 - Nick's paper was published in ChemSusChem


Feb. 2014 - Dallas and Nick passed Candidacy Exam


Oct. 2013 - Professor Hicks won ACS PRF Award!


Oct. 2013 - Jongsik and Nick's paper was published in ACS Appl. Matl. & Int.


Sept. 2013 - Professor Hicks, Greg, and Nick presented their research at the ACS Conference in Indianapolis, IN.


Aug. 2013 - Jongsik and Marshall passed their Comprehensive Exam.


June 2013 - Professor Hicks, Greg, and Nick presented their research at the North American Catalysis Society Conference in Louisville, KY.


Welcome to the Hicks Research Group homepage! 

Our research group is primarily focused in the area of heterogeneous catalysis.  We seek to understand how the properties and structures of catalysts affect activity and selectivity for specific reactions.  We couple our experimental results with detailed characterization of the heterogeneous catalysts to develop relationships between the catalyst structure and the resulting catalytic activity. We also study catalyst stability at reaction conditions, as fundamental understanding of stability is required for advanced catalyst development and for process commercialization. We currently have projects focused on the synthesis and characterization of new catalytic materials for biofuels applications.  For these reactions, we examine many catalytic processes to convert biomass to biofuels: catalytic pyrolysis, catalytic liquefaction, and gasification.  In other projects, we are employing new synthesis procedures to enhance the stability of metal organic framework catalytic materials. 


University of Notre Dame | Department of Chemical Engineering

182 Fitzpatrick Hall | Notre Dame, IN 46556 | 574-631-3661

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