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Parr Batch Reactors


Both reactors are made of 316 Stainless Steel. The right reactor has a 250mL capacity and is rated to 500 °C and 5000 psi. The left reactor has a 100mL capacity and is rated to 350 °C and 3000 psi.


Contact: Dallas Rensel


Agilent 7820A FID & TCD


Gas chromatagraph coupled with a FID and TCD detector for analysis of liquid and gas phase products.





Contact: Jongsik Kim


CDS5200 Pyroprobe


High temperature and pressure (1000 °C 500 psi) pyrolysis reactor with heated transfer line to an Agilent 7890 GC/5975C MS.




Contact: Dallas Rensel


Agilent 7890 GC/5975C MS


Gas chromatagraph hooked up with a mass spectrometer with 131 sample auto loader. Heated inlet is compatible with transfer line from Pyroprobe.



Contact: Dallas Rensel


Vertical Flow Reactor


Custom flow reactor for liquid/gas phase reactions. Lab Alliance HPLC pump, Aalborg mass flow controller, and Mini-Mite tube furnace allow for operating up to 600 °C and 1000 psi.


Contact: Nikhil Japtiwale


MBraun Glovebox


Work space with large and small antechambers, vacuum pump, and PLC controller. The unit is maintained at <0.5 PPM of oxygen and water.




Contact: Nicholas McNamara


Mini-Mite Tube Furnaces


Dual tube furnaces with custom glassware allows for catalyst synthesis in controlled inert or reductive environments.





Contact: Dallas Rensel


Fischer Conv. Oven


Dual convection ovens equipped with rotating spit for Parr bomb custom build for synthesizing zeolite. Maximum operating temperature is 275°C.




Contact: Nikhil Japtiwale


Schlink Lines


Custom build Schlink line with two LN2 traps, three ports, and Argon bubbler. There are two Schlink lines in lab in separate fume hoods. Minimum pressure obtained is 10 mtorr.



Contact: Nicholas McNamara


Thermo Scientific Calcination Furnace


Furnace is used for high temperature (up to 1100 °C) combustion of carbon from zeolites, phophide precursors, and MOFs.



Contact: Dallas Rensel


Thermo Scientific Heraeus Megafuge 16


Large capacity rotar with four sample cups. Maximum speed is 5500 rpm with variable acceleration and deceleration rates.



Contact: Dallas Rensel


Bucchi Rotavap


Vacuum rotavap with water cooled condenser, 500 mL collection trap, controlled water bath and adjustable height.





Contact: Nicholas McNamara


Thermo Scientific Vacuum Oven


Low temperature vacuum oven for quickly drying water or organic solvents off of materials.





Contact: Dallas Rensel


Branson Sonicator 2510


Small sonicator with built in heating and timer used for assisting in MOF synthesis and cleaning pyrolysis tubes and vials.




Contact: Dallas Rensel


Mettler-Toledo Star 1 TGA/DSC


Thermogravametric analyzer with differential scanning calorimetry and 32 position auto loader. Can be operated up to 1600 °C with inert, reduction, or oxidizing gasses.


Contact: Dallas Rensel


Micromeritics Chemisorb 2750


Dual port chemisorption unit with high temperature (1100 °C) PID controlled furnace. This unit comes with a TCD detector for analysis.



Contact: Dallas Rensel


Quantachrome Nova 2200e Physisorption


Dual port physisorption unit for surface area and pore size analysis. Analysis can be performed with just 1 square meter of suface area.



Contact: Nikhil Japtiwale


Ocean Optics DH2000 UV-Vis Spectrometer


Reflectance UV-Vis spectrometer with dual light sources.






Contact: Nicholas McNamara


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