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April 2015 - Congratulations to Marshall for passing Candidacy and Gregory for successfully defending


March 2015 - Dallas, Nicholas, and Jongsik presented at ACS in Denver, CO.


July 2014 - Congratulations to Jongsik for publishing "Exceptional Control of Catalytic Hierarchical Carbon Supported Transition Metal Nanoparticles using Metal-Organic Framework Templates"


July 2014 - Congratulations to Greg for publishing "Correlating lignin structure to aromatic products in the catalytic fast pyrolysis of lignin model compounds containing β-O-4 linkages"


July 2014 - Congratulations to Professor Hicks for earning the NSF Career Award!


June 2014 - We welcome Nikhil Japtiwale as a new graduate student to the Hicks Research Group


March 2014 - Congratulations to Nick for publishing "CO2 Capture and Conversion with a Multifunctional Polyethyleneimine‐Tethered Iminophosphine Iridium Catalyst/Adsorbent"


January 2014 - Congratulations to Dallas and Nick on passing the PhD Candidacy exam


October 2013 - Prof Hicks wins ACS PRF Award!


October 2013 - Congratulations to Jongsik and Nick for publishing their paper on "Carbothermal Reduction of Ti-Modified IRMOF-3: An Adaptable Synthetic Method to Support Catalytic Nanoparticles on Carbon".


September 2013 -Greg and Nick presented their research at the ACS Conference in Indianapolis, IN. Greg's oral presentation was titled, “Effects of steam-assisted crystallization synthesis conditions on the mesopore properties of hierarchical ZSM-5.” This presentation was part of the inaugural “International Symposium on Mesoporous Zeolites.” Nick's oral presentation was on "Polymer supported Ir catalysts for the capture and conversion of CO2 to formic acid".


August 2013 - Congratulations to Marshall and Jongsik for passing their Comprehensive Exam.


June 2013 -Greg and Nick presented their research at the North American Catalysis Society Conference in Louisville, KY. Greg's oral presentation was titled, “Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis of β-O-4 Type Lignin Model Compounds: Effects of Temperature and Zeolite Catalysts.” Nick's oral presentation was "Polymer supported Ir-complex for catalytic CO2 hydrogenation. Nick also presented a poster on the "Catalytic performance and stability of (V) MIL-47 and (Ti) MIL-125 in the oxidative desulfurization of heterocyclic aromatic sulfur compounds.


May 2013 - Dallas’ paper on selective HDO was accepted to Journal of Catalysis!  Congrats!

May 2013 - Nick’s paper on MOF catalysis was accepted to Journal of Catalysis!  Nice job!


May 2013 - Greg, Nick, Karen, Marshall, and Jongsik attended the annual Chicago Catalysis Club symposium. Greg, Nick, and Karen presented posters on their research.


May 2013 -Greg was awarded the Bayer Predoctoral Fellowship.  This competition was for doctoral students in any area of environmental science or environmental engineering. “Proposals were evaluated on the merit of the student research, the necessity of using CEST facilities for the research, the likelihood for success, and the accomplishments of the student to date.”

May 2013 - Prof. Hicks is the recipient of the 2013 Frank O'Malley Undergraduate Teaching Award!

March 2013 - Congratulations to Dallas for winning the Outstanding Graduate Student TA Award from the ND Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning.

February 2013 - Greg’s paper was accepted to Crystal Growth & Design!  Congrats!

February 2013 - Karen’s paper was accepted to ChemCatChem!  Nice job!

January 2013 - Congratulations to Greg for passing his candidacy exam!

January 2013 - We welcome Charlie, Theresa and Doug to the group.

December 2012 - Prof. Hicks wins award to purchase a solid-state NMR.

November 2012 - We welcome Jongsik and Marshall to the group!

November 2012 - Dallas and Greg attend and present at AIChE.

August 2012 - Greg presents at ACS.

March 2012 - Congratulations to Greg for winning the Outstanding Graduate Student TA Award from the ND Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning.

January 2012 - We welcome Quan and Erin to the group!

November 2011 - We welcome Nick and Dallas to the group!

August 2011 - We welcome Megan and Long to the group!

August 2011 - Cover art created by Brian and Greg will appear on Issue 18 of J. Phys. Chem. Lett.!

August 2011 - Prof. Hicks publishes in J. Phys. Chem. Lett.

August 2011 - Prof. Hicks receives NSF BRIGE Award.

May 2011 - We welcome Dr. Karen Xu to the group!

May 2011 - Hicks Group attends NACS Meeting in Detroit.

March 2011 - Prof. Hicks, Prof. Schneider, and Prof. Tao win ND SEI RFP award for catalyst development for CO2 utilization.

January 2011 - Invited to contribute a book chapter on “Catalysis for Biofuels” in Heterogeneous Catalysis at the Nanoscale for Energy Applications, Wiley-VCH.

November 2010 - We welcome Greg to the group! 

September 2010 - We welcome the first set of undergraduate researchers to the group:  Jackie Urban, Brian Pimentel, and Brett Ensor.

August 2010 - Laboratory renovations are underway.



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