JINA 2009 R-Matrix School Application Form

February 25 - 27, 2009


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If you do not have a US passport or permanent resident card, you will need to enter the US as a visitor on a business visa (either B1 or WB). When you arrive in the US, you must state that you are entering for business purposes (i.e. a B1 designation on the 1-94 card) or under the visa waiver program and you are requesting a waiver for business purposes (i.e. a WB designation on the I-94 card) and take a letter of invitation from the host institution with you when you apply. This status will enable us to reimburse (travel, meals, lodging) if you stay with us 9 days or less and you have not accepted payments from more than 5 US entities in the previous 6 months. We must have a copy of your passport page, visa page and 1-94 card to reimburse expenses.

Please check here if you will need a letter of invitation.


January 30, 2009