Fall 2006
Department of Electrical Engineering
University of Notre Dame


EE-87005: Advanced Topics in Multiuser Communications

Course Description

Senior graduate course exploring advanced topics in multiuser communications and information theory. Example topic areas include:

  • multiple-access channels, multi-user detection;
  • broadcast channels, superposition coding;
  • communication with side information, watermarking;
  • multihop and relay networks;
  • multi-antenna and multi-carrier systems.

Objectives for the course are to develop understanding of the basic models, fundamental performance limits and tradeoffs, and practical approaches for communication in these environments. Interaction and cross-fertilization of ideas from different research areas will also be emphasized.


J. Nicholas Laneman
Office: 267 Fitzpatrick Hall
Tel: (574) 631-8034

Graduate Students

Deqiang Chen, Mei Chen, Michael Dickens, Brian Dunn, Radha Krishna Ganti, Shivaprasad Kotagiri, Shyam Ranganathan, Srinath Puducheri, Sunil Shrinivasa, Sundeep Venkatraman, Lei Xiao

Meeting Times

209 O'Shaughnessy Hall

Recommended Prerequisites

  • EE-60553: Advanced Digital Communication
  • EE-80653: Information Theory

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J. Nicholas Laneman
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