The 2006 International Symposium on Information Theory was held in Seattle, Washington.  EE@ND brought a big contingent to the Symposium, and had a good time.
ISIT 2006
Information Theory One
Downtown Seattle
JNL, Marcin Sikora, and Gil Shamir
Profs. Kliewer, Haenggi, and Smarandache
Shiva, Srinath, and Xiaowei
JNL and Shiva
Adjit, Shiva, Srinath, and Xiaowei
Profs. Costello and Kliewer
Four Horsemen: Profs. Fuja, Costello, Kliewer, and Laneman
Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Group 4
JNL and Shannon Award Winner Sergio Verdu
Space Needle
Shiva, JNL, and Wenyi at the Experience Music Project