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JNL Research Group Policies


The Policies described herein have been established in order to meet the following objectives: (a) situations are handled reasonably and consistently; and (b) Group Members have sufficient information to develop correct expectations without requiring discussion with or resolution by JNL.

Before the commencement of any work as part of the Group, each Member is strongly advised to read these Policies and, if questions arise, to discuss them with other Members and/or JNL.

Members are encouraged to look upon these Policies as typical of the expectations of professionals in academia and industry. JNL with make reasonable efforts to treat each Member as a professional in order to foster his/her professional development. In return, JNL expects each Member to respect these Policies since the execution of these Policies is to some degree on an honor basis.


Each of the following Policies apply specifically to the duration of JNL's role as the Member's advisor/supervisor, for any work resulting from (a) discussions with JNL, (b) discussions with other Group personnel in the context of Group work, (c) use of lab or computer equipment provided by JNL and/or UND, or (d) funding support of any type obtained through or with assistance from JNL and/or UND.

The primary circumstances in which these Policies do not apply are when the work is performed:

  • solely using the Member's computer(s), materials, and knowledge; and
  • outside of UND's physical locale; and
  • without JNL's or UND's assistance, direction, or knowledge.

Although these circumstances are possible, it is substantially more likely that some part of the work is not independent of JNL or UND, and hence fits within these Policies.


Acronyms and terms

As used throughout the Policies, please note the following acronyms and terms, and their definitions:

Depending upon the context, stands for the Department of Electrical Engineering, the Graduate School, the Office of Research, and/or the overall University of Notre Dame.
Prof. J. Nicholas Laneman.
All the individuals who work with JNL in any capacity at UND.
An individual in the Group.
An individual in the Group who is either a Graduate Student or an Undergraduate Student.
A non-Student member of the Group.


  • Draft: JNL, June 2, 2006
  • Update: JNL, with input from Michael Dickens, June 9, 2006


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