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JNL Conference Expense Policy


Conferences are an important part of disseminating research results and gaining visibility in the field. Research and other funding should provide as much travel support as possible to Group Members who present work at a conference, and some support to Group Members who just want to attend a conference. Availability of funding in either case is often hard to predict, so it should be viewed as a privilege and not a right.


Regarding conference expenses, the following guidelines should be followed by each Member of the Group:

  1. Reimbursements for conference expenses are subject to the availability of funds.
  2. Valid expenses include: conference registration, ground or air travel to and from the conference, and lodging and meals for the duration of the conference trip. Note that the justifiable duration of a conference trip need not correspond to the duration of the conference.
  3. Multiple Group Members attending the same conference are strongly encouraged to team up and share expenses where possible and appropriate.
  4. To be reimbursed in any amount for attending a conference, a Group Member will need to carefully maintain his/her receipts as well as document the details of the trip upon returning. It is entirely up to the Group Member to submit the appropriate reimbursement form, i.e., the UND Expense Report Form. See Ms. Wheeler in the EE Department for assistance with filling out this form.
  5. Nominally, a Member with a paper accepted at a conference will attend the conference, with registration and reasonable travel expenses covered by research funds. In this case, the following additional guidelines should be followed:
    1. Group Members should indicate intention to attend a conference and work out a nominal budget with JNL in advance of travel. A target cost for the average conference trip should be around $1000. Sometimes they are much more expensive, and sometimes they are much less expensive.
    2. If more than one Member is an author on a given accepted paper, then JNL and the authors will decide on at least one representative attending the conference on behalf of the authors.
    3. The number of conferences attended is limited only by the number of good papers the Group Member writes (without recycling!!); if they're accepted, JNL will make his best effort to find some way for the Group Member(s) to attend the conference.
  6. For Graduate Students, even if a Student does not have a paper at a given conference, it can be very beneficial for them to attend, experience the setting, and interact with others in the community. This is especially true at the beginning of the Student's graduate studies, as they look for a thesis topic. Along these lines, the following guidelines should be followed:
    1. Each Student will have a total of $500 at their disposal for general conference registration and travel throughout their graduate work with JNL. This is meant as a compromise, the idea being that the Student and JNL split the cost of an average conference trip.
    2. The funds cannot be used for travel expenses unless they first cover the conference registration. If the Student decides to cover all of their own travel expenses, there is the possibility that s/he can attend several conferences.
    3. Although JNL is happy to discuss strategy on utilizing these funds, it is ultimately the Student's responsibility to figure out how and when to use them.


  • Draft: JNL, June 2, 2006
  • Update: JNL, with input from Michael Dickens, June 9, 2006
  • Update: JNL, with input from Michael Dickens, July 27, 2006


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