(Striking Techniques)

    The striking techniques of judo are never practiced outside of kata as forceful or improper technique could lead to serious injuries or death. Atemi-waza are classified as either ude-waza (arm strikes) or ashi-ate (leg strikes).

    This is the list of Atemi-Waza techniques and English translations found in the 1994 paperback edition of Kodokan Judo.

Ude-Waza (Arm Strikes)
Ago-oshi (jaw push)
Ryogan-tsuki (strike to both eyes)
Suri-age (forehead thrust)
Tsuki-kake (punch)
Tsukiage (uppercut)
Yoko-uchi (side blow)
Naname-uchi (slanting strike)
Kirioroshi (downward cut)
Ushiro-dori (hold from behind)
Ushiro-ate (rear strike)

Ashi-Ate (Leg Strikes)
Ryote-dori (two hand hold)
Gyakute-dori (reverse two hand hold)
Keage (kick)
Mae-geri (front kick)
Ushiro-geri (rear kick)
Yoko-geri (side kick)
Ashi-fumi (foot stamp)

     If you would like more information about Atemi-Waza techniques, visit Tom Selggren's atemi-waza page.

Warning!: Judo techniques can be extremely dangerous if not performed correctly.  Never attempt to perform any judo technique unless you are under the direct supervision of a qualified instructor.  In other words:

        Don't Try This At Home!