Lingo2 1.2

Lingo2 is a huge update to LingoScript.

For those who DON'T remember LingoScript, Lingo2 is a module that provides a complete and easily extendible programming language to your RB projects. With this capability, you could add macros to a program, add plugins, or just about anything.

For example, if you set the variable "s" to this:

msg "Hi"
for i=n to 100
  msg "The current number is "&i

Lingo2 could compile that, and then execute it. And, using its AddMethod and AddFunction routines, you can add methods and functions to the language that let scripts interface directly with your application.

As an example of how powerful Lingo2 can be, the example project contains an implementation of Logo complete programming language, as well as several example scripts.

New 4/7/2001 - Because so many people have been asking for the source code to this module, I've decided to put it online. The file is simply the standard example project, but with the module unprotected. Enjoy!

Lingo2.sit   86K


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