University of Notre Dame College of Engineering

Zartman Lab

Quantitative Analysis of Pattern Formation, Growth and Regeneration



The Zartman lab is affilliated with the Mike and Josie Harper Cancer Research Institute and Notre Dame's Advanced Diagnostics and Therapeutics (AD&T) initiative

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Links to Collaborator Websites (partial list):

We partner with Professor David Hoelzle (AME) in the development of microfluidic culture devices for developing organs.

We partner with Professor Mark Alber (ACMS) in the development of novel computational approaches toward studying the biophysics of multicellular systems.

We also synergize with Dr. Jun Li (ACMS) in the development of novel bioinformatic approaches applied to cell and organ culture optimization problems as well as genomic/proteomic studies.

Toward the development of novel anti-cancer drugs, we have an active collaboration with Dr. Siyuan Zhang (Biology) and Dr. Brandon Ashfeld (Chemistry).

Research links:

Further information and hyperlinks regarding the model system we study can be found here (Useful Links).