ECON 30331: Econometrics

Professor Kasey Buckles

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Welcome to the website for Econometrics at the University of Notre Dame, Fall 2016.

You can find important class materials here, as well as links to useful and interesting web sites.

  Link to Wooldridge text on

  Link to Angrist & Pischke book on

Class Handouts & Problem Sets 


  Stats Boot Camp

  Important Things to Know About Stata

  Problem Set 1

  Problem Set 1 data

  Problem Set 1 Answers

  Problem Set 2

  Problem Set 2 data

  Problem Set 2 Answers

  ProblemSet 3

  Problem Set 3 data

  Problem Set 3 Answers

  Problem Set 4

  Problem Set 4 data

  Problem Set 4 Answers

  Problem Set 5

  Problem Set 5 data

  Problem Set 5 Answers

Class Topics and In-Class Stata Results

  Basic Topic

Text Chapters

In-Class Results

  Stats Review

Appendix B, C



Ch 1


  Simple Regression

Ch 2

Log Files

  Multiple Regression

Ch 3

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Ch 4

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Ch 5


  Further Issues

Ch 6

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  Dummy Variables

Ch 7

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Ch 8

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  Specification & Data Probs

Ch 9

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  Time Series

Ch 10, 11

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  Panel Data

Ch 13, 14

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  IV & 2SLS

Ch 15

Log Files

Excel Sheet for Chapter 2 Problem #3

Slide show on Angrist & Pischke, Chapters 1 & 2

Pop Culture Slides: Freakonomics and Moneyball From in-class lecture.

Hakes and Sauer, "An Economic Evaluation of the Moneyball Hypothesis" From in-class lecture.

Link to Baby Name Voyager From in-class lecture. Do file used to do Ch. 9 homework.

Paper for Lecture , "The Effect of Adolescent Experience on Labor Market Outcomes: The Case of Height". You may need to be at an on-campus computer for this link to work.

Height data set for Lecture Do-file for lecture. You will have to save the file to a location on your computer and then change the file locations in the text to make this work.

height2.log Log file created by

Spacing paper to read for 11/10 lecture.

Slides on IV/2SLS from 11/8 lecture.

Slides on Dif-in-Dif from 11/15 lecture.

paneldata.ppt Slides for lecture on panel data studies.

Exams and Practice Exams

Midterm 1

Midterm 1 Solutions

Stata Info/Help

Important Things to Know about Stata

Includes instructions for accessing Stata on campus and important commands.

Stata also has some built in tutorials.  To get started, try entering the following at the command line:
        tutorial intro

Stata is installed in all classrooms and clusters on campus. Here is a link to OIT services

Stata - This is a link to Stata's webpage. Stata/IC 14 (recommended) can be bought at a highly discounted rate through GradPlan. The cost is $75 for six months, $125 for a year, or $198 for a perpetual license. To access GradPlan, go to this page

Class Project

Don't forget the project is due in class on Tuesday, December 6--NO EXCEPTIONS!

Project Guidelines For the class project you will be writing a paper investigating the determinants of test scores for 5th grade students.

Data (in Stata format)

More Data

This link is to your textbook's website. You can find the datasets for homeworks and problem sets here, as well as helpful review material.












Econ Club's Tutoring Web Page. You can find a list of available tutors for Stats, Econometrics, and the Intermediate Economics courses here. You will need an gmail account to access the page.

Stata Stata's webpage, which includes a help funcion you may find useful.

Website with Stata commands for textbook examples

Critical Values Tables This is a web page with tables for t-tests, F-tests, etc.

Homepage for the Department of Economics at Notre Dame.

Job Opportunities