Michael C. DeschMichael C. Desch

Professor of Political Science
Chair, Political Science Department
Codirector, Notre Dame International Security Program (NDISP)
Fellow, Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study
(PhD, University of Chicago)
430 Decio Hall
(574) 631-2792
Email: mdesch@nd.edu

Geographic Focus: International

Thematic interests: International relations, American foreign policy, international security

Current research: Two projects, one on the growing estrangement between academic social science and national security policymaking, and one that takes stock of what we know—and need to know—about the role of religion in international relations.

Recent publications:

“What Do Policymakers Want From Us? Results of a Survey of Current and Former Senior National Security Decision-makers,” International Studies Quarterly 58, 4 (forthcoming, December 2014) [with Paul C. Avey].

Privileged and Confidential: The Secret History of the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board (University Press of Kentucky, 2012) [with Kenneth Michael Absher, Roman Popadiuk, and the 2006 Bush School Capstone Team].

Power and Military Effectiveness: The Fallacy of Democratic Triumphalism (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2008).