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David NickersonDavid Nickerson

Associate Professor of Political Science
(PhD, Yale University)
217 O’Shaughnessy
(574) 631-7016

Geographic focus: Latin America, US

Thematic interests: Mobilization and campaign behavior; clientelism; corruption

Current research: Understanding the stigma associated with vote buying; how voters feel about different forms of corruption; experimental design

Selected publications:

  • “Artificial Inflation or Deflation? Assessing the Item Count Technique in Comparative Surveys” (with Chad Kiewiet de Jonge), Political Behavior. Published electronically August 4, 2013. doi:

  • “The Conditionality of Vote Buying Norms: Experimental Evidence from Latin America” (with Ezequiel Gonzalez-Ocantos and Chad Kiewiet de Jonge), American Journal of Political Science. Published electronically July 13, 2013. doi:

  • “Vote Buying and Social Desirability Bias: Experimental Evidence from Nicaragua,” (with Gonzalez-Ocantos, Ezequiel, Chad Kiewiet de Jonge, Carlos Meléndez, and Javier Osorio), American Journal of Political Science 56, 1 (January 2012)

  • "Scalable Protocols Offer Efficient Design for Field Experiments," Political Analysis 13, 3 (2005)

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