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J. Samuel ValenzuelaJ. Samuel Valenzuela

Professor of Sociology
(PhD, Columbia University, 1979)
210 Hesburgh Ctr

Geographic focus: Latin America; Europe

Thematic interests: Historical and political sociology; democratization; comparative labor movements; religion; development.

Current research: Transitional justice, development and welfare state issues, and religion in Latin America.

Selected publications:

  • The now classic study of 19th-century elections Democratización vía reforma: la expansión del sufragio en Chile (IDES, 1985) will appear in an expanded second edition (Editorial Universitaria, forthcoming)

  • Two chapters on religious identities and the impacts of religion on social life in Latin America are forthcoming in a coauthored book (CIEPLAN)

  • “Chile: The Development, Breakdown, and Recovery of Democracy” (with Arturo Valenzuela), in Jan Knippers Black, ed., Latin America: Its Problems and Its Promise (Westview Press, 2011)

  • El eslabón perdido: familia, modernización y bienestar en Chile (coauthored, Taurus, 2006) [The Missing Links: Families, Modernization and Welfare Institutions in Chile]

  • Chile: A Country Study (Federal Research Division, Library of Congress, 1994)

  • Issues in Democratic Consolidation (University of Notre Dame Press, 1992)

  • Military Rule in Chile: Dictatorship and Oppositions (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1986)

  • Democratización vía reforma: la expansión del sufragio en Chile [Democratization through Reform: The Expansion of Suffrage in Chile] (IDES, 1985)

  • Also the author or coauthor of over 70 scholarly articles in collected works and journals including, most recently: “The Enduring Presence of Religion in Chilean Ideological Positionings and Voter Options,” Comparative Politics (October 2007)

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