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IndiaIndia Trunk Inventory

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Curriculum Guide

The curriculum guide is a CD filled with content descriptions, country profiles, lesson plans, and teaching resources.

Cultural Items

Animal carvings

Ashoka's pillar



Buddha figure

Buddha's feet

Coin purse

Diya (oil lamp)

Doll, Kutch region

Farmer figure

Flag of India

Ganesh figure

Good luck charm

Henna Paste (Mehndi - box only)

Incense sticks

Japa mala (prayer beads)



Marigold garland


Muslim prayer cap

Puppets, Rajasthani

Rangoli Stencils

Ritual plate with Om symbol

Sandalwood soap

Shiva figure

Shoe, Rajistani

Sikh turban

Silk scarf

Wedding Coconut

Wood Block Elephant

Musical Instruments

Khartal Cymbals

Dancing bells

Dandia sticks

Finger Cymbals (Tingsha)

Pungi snake charmer flute


Apte, Sunita. India (A True Book Series)

Das, Prodeepta. I is for India

DK Eyewitness Travel. India

Heiligman, Deborah.  Celebrate Diwali

Heydlauff, Lisa. Going to School in India

Kalman, Bobbie. India: the Culture

Kalman, Bobbie. India: the People

Khan, Noor Inayat. 20 Jataka Tales

Kipling, Rudyard. A Collection of Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories

Markandaya, Kamala. Nectar in a Sieve

Nanji, Shenaaz. Indian Tales

Pai, Anant. Akbar (graphic novel)

Pai, Anant.. Ashoka (graphic novel)

Pastan, Amy. Gandhi (A DK Biography)

Ramanujan, A.K. Folktales from India

Somaiah, Rosemarie. Indian Children's Favorite Stories

Vasan Publications. Mahabharata for Children

Whelan, Gloria. Homeless Bird

Maps and Posters

Map of India

National Geographic Map

Music CDs

Smithsonian Institute. Musician Communities of Rajasthan- Sarangiya Langa

Smithsonian Institute. The World’s Musical Traditions, Vol. 10: Table Tarang—Melody on Drums


PBS. The Story of India

Indian Songs for Children




Ford Program

Varieties of Democracy

Latin American/North America Church Concerns

Notre Dame Award

Kellogg Faculty Fellows

Visiting Fellows Program

Faculty Research

Working Groups

Undergraduate Student Programs

Graduate Student Programs

International Development Studies Minor

Latin American Studies Minor

Institute Publications

Working Papers

K-12 Resources

Traveling Trunks

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