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Working Paper by Author (A)

Diego Abente Brun

March 1989
"Stronismo, Post-Stronismo, and the Prospects for Democratization in Paraguay"

November 2007
"The Quality of Democracy in Small South American Countries: The Case of Paraguay"

Carlos Acuña

October 1984
"Issues on Democracy and Democratization: North and South-A Rapporteur's Report"
(w/Robert Barros)

Caren Addis

April 1994
"Economic Integration in the Western Hemisphere: A Rapporteurs' Report"
(w/Mathew Verghis)

Larissa Adler Lomnitz

March 1990
"El fondo de la forma: Actos públicos de la campaña presidencial del Partido Revolucionario Institucional, México, 1988"
(w/Claudio Lomnitz-Adler, Ilya Adler)


José Antonio Aguilar Rivera
March 2013
"Great Expectations: Mexican Democracy and Its Discontents"

Yoji Akashi

April 1997
"An ASEAN Perspective on APEC"

Manuel Alcántara Sáez

April 2002
"Experimentos de Democracia Interna: Las Primeras de Partidos en América Latina"

May 2008
"Institutions and Politicians: An Analysis of the Factors that Determine Presidential Legislative Success"
(w/Mercedes García Montero)

June 2012
"Elections in Latin America 2009–2011: A Comparative Analysis"

Célia Almeida

September 2002
"Ámbito y Papel de los Especialistas en las Reformas en los Sistemas de Salud: Los Casos de Brasil y México"
(w/Raquel Abrantes Pêgo)

David Altman

June 2014
"Strengthening Democratic Quality: Reactive Deliberation in the Context of Direct Democracy"

Edward J. Amadeo

January 1992
"Unions, Social Structures, and Wage Restraint: A Suggested Scheme of Analysis"

May 1992
"Institutional Constraints to Economic Policies: Wage Bargaining and Stabilization in Brazil"

May 1993
"The Rational Basis of Wage Determination in Regimes of High Inflation"

José Anadón

August 1989
"'Power' in Literature and Society: The 'Double' in Gabriel García Márquez's The Autumn of the Patriarch"


Diego Sánchez-Ancochea

March 2012
"The Road to Universal Social Protection: How Costa Rica Informs Theory"
(w/Juliana Martínez Franzoni)

Andrew Arato

April 1984
"The Democratic Theory of the Polish Opposition: Normative Intentions and Strategic Ambiguities"

Ronald P. Archer

July 1990
"The Transition from Traditional to Broker Clientelism in Colombia: Political Stability and Social Unrest"


Marta M. Assumpção-Rodrigues

February 2013
"Skill Formation, Governance, and Democracy in Brazil: The State of the Art of a Public Policy"

Beatriz Azeredo

#3 (Democracy and Social Policy Series)
Spring 1995
"The System of Social Protection in Brazil"
(w/Sônia Miriam Draibe, Maria Helena Guimarães de Castro)

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