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Working Paper by Author (E)

Peter Egger

June 2004
"On the Role of Distance for Outward Foreign Investment"

Jorgen Elklit

September 2002
"The Impact of Election Administration on the Legitimacy of Emerging Democracies: A New Research Agenda"
(w/Andrew Reynolds)

Annabella España-Nájera

July 2010
The Vote Share of New and Young Parties
(w/ Scott Mainwaring and Carlos Gervasoni)

Rosario Espinal

July 1987
"Labor, Politics, and Industrialization in the Dominican Republic"

December 1988
"Torn Between Authoritarianism and Crisis-Prone Democracy: The Dominican Labor Movement"

May 1990
"Unlikely Transitions to Uncertain Regimes? Democracy without Compromise in the Dominican Republic and Ecuador"
(w/Catherine M. Conaghan)

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