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Working Paper by Author (J)

Iván Jaksic

May 1998
"Life without the King: Centralists, Federalists, and Constitutional Monarchists in the Making of the Spanish American Republics, 1808-1830"
(w/Marcelo Leiras)

Kenneth P. Jameson

July 1985
"Latin American Structuralism: A Methodological Perspective"

July 1985
"Peasants, Pedagogy, Productivity-Paraguay"

December 1986
"Macro Policy in a Dollarized Economy: The Experience of Bolivia"

December 1987
"Latin America in the 1980s: A New Dollar Bloc?"


Brittmarie Janson Pérez

November 2010
"El Grito: Four Years of Female Clandestine Journalism Against the Military Dictatorship in Panama (1968–1972)"
(w/Carlos Guevara Mann )

Brian L. Job

October 1997
"APEC beyond Economics: The Politics of APEC"
(w/Frank Langdon)

Robert E. Johnson

October 2006
"Xenophobia Towards Palestinian Citizens of Israel Among Russian Immigrants in Israel: Heightened by Failure to Make Gains in a New Democratic Society"
(w/Daphna Canetti-Nisim, Eran Halperin, Stevan E. Hobfoll)

Mark P. Jones

December 2002
"Level of Development and Democracy: Latin American Exceptionalism, 1945-1996"
(w/Scott Mainwaring)


Benjamin Junge
December 2013
"‘We Are Gaúchos, We Are Gaúchas...’ Incitements to Gendered and Regional Subjectivity in the 2002 Brazilian Election Campaigns"

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