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Working Paper by Author (L)

Frank Langdon

October 1997
"APEC beyond Economics: The Politics of APEC"
(w/Brian L. Job)

Fabrice Edouard Lehoucq

January 1993
"Evaluating Alternative Explanations of Electoral Reform in Costa Rica"

Marcelo Leiras

May 1998
"Life without the King: Centralists, Federalists, and Constitutional Monarchists in the Making of the Spanish American Republics, 1808-1830"
(w/Iván Jaksic)

Héctor Leis

April 1984
"Sobre cultura política y democracia en Argentina: testimonio de un todavía exilado"

Daniel H. Levine

September 1986
"Religion and Popular Protest in Latin America"
(w/Scott Mainwaring)

August 1989
"Popular Groups, Popular Culture, and Popular Religion"

June 1993
"Venezuela: The Life and Times of the Party System"
(w/Miriam Kornblith)

August 2007
"The Future of Christianity in Latin America"

November 2007
"The Quality of Democracy in Latin America: Another View"
(w/Jose E. Molina)

Robert M. Levine

June 1992
"The Cautionary Tale of Carolina Maria de Jesus"

Steven Levitsky

August 1996
"Democracy 'with Adjectives': Conceptual Innovations in Comparative Research"
(w/David Collier)

July 2001
"Transforming Labor-Based Parties in Latin America: The Argentine Justicialiste Party in Comparative Perspective"

September 2003
"Informal Institutions and Comparative Politics: A Research Agenda"
(w/Gretchen Helmke)

Kun-Chin Lin

March 2005
"Class Formation or Fragmentation? Allegiances and Divisions Among Managers and Workers in State-Owned Enterprises"

Rubén M. Lo Vuolo

#2 (Democracy and Social Policy Series)
Spring 1995
"The Welfare State in Contemporary Argentina: An Overview"

Gil Loescher

November 1986
"Humanitarianism and Politics in Central America"

Larissa Adler Lomnitz

March 1990
"El fondo de la forma: Actos públicos de la campaña presidencial del Partido Revolucionario Institucional, México, 1988"
(w/Claudio Lomnitz-Adler, Ilya Adler)

Claudio Lomnitz-Adler

March 1990
"El fondo de la forma: Actos públicos de la campaña presidencial del Partido Revolucionario Institucional, México, 1988"
(w/Larissa Adler Lomnitz, Ilya Adler)

Juarez Rubens Brandão Lopes

#7 (Democracy and Social Policy Series)
Spring 1994
"Brazil, 1989: A Socioeconomic Study of Indigence and Urban Poverty"

George A. Lopez

April 1989
"Of Victims and Executioners: Argentine State Terror, 1976-1983"
(w/David Pion-Berlin)

Juan J. López

December 1992
"Business Elites and Democracy in Latin America: Reflections on the May 1991 Kellogg Institute Conference"

Margarita Lopez-Maya

July 2001
"Venezuela después del Caracazo: Formas de la protesta en un contexto desinstitucionalizado"

Edward H. Lorenz

January 1990
"Labor Supply and the Employment Strategies of French and British Shipbuilders, 1890 to 1970"

November 1990
"Towards a Theory of British Economic Decline: The Case of Shipbuilding, 1890-1970"

November 1990
"Trust, Cooperation, and Flexibility: International Comparisons"

Norma Alicia Del Río Lugo

May 2009
"Youth and Civic Engagement in the Americas
Preliminary Findings From a Three-City Study: Rio De Janeiro, Chicago, and Mexico City
(w/Irene Rizzini and María de Los Angeles Torres)

Noam Lupu (w/Nicholas Carnes)
October 2013
"Rethinking the Comparative Perspective on Class and Representation: Evidence from Latin America"

Nora Lustig

January 1993
"Poverty in Mexico: An Empirical Analysis"

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