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Working Paper by Author (S)

Helen Icken Safa

December 1989
"Women, Industrialization and State Policy in Cuba"
(w/the Federation of Cuban Women)


Steven Samford

May 2016
"Small Enterprises and the Low-Innovation Trap: Evidence from Environmental Regulation of Industry in Mexico"

David Samuels

November 1999
"Federalism, Constraints on the Central Government, and Economic Reform in Democratic Brazil"
(w/Scott Mainwaring)

Prabirjit Sarkar

April 1998
"The Catching-Up Debate: A Statistical Investigation"

Hector Schamis

February 1998
"The Politics of Economic Reform: Distributional Coalitions and Policy Change in Latin America"

Edward Schatz

February 2003
"When Capital Cities Move: The Political Geography of Nation and State Building"

Andreas Schedler

March 1995
"Under- and Overinstitutionalization: Some Ideal Typical Propositions Concerning New and Old Party Systems"

Hugh Schwartz

April 1994
"Entrepreneurial Response to Economic Liberalization and Integration: An Inquiry about Recent Events in Uruguay Aimed at Developing Better Hypotheses about Economic Behavior"

April 1994
"Guidelines for Industrial Reconversion and Restructuring (with Application to Uruguay)"

Douglas Scott

May 2015
"Increasing Anti-Malaria Bednets Uptake Using Information and Distribution Strategies: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Senegal"
(w/Jacopo Bonan, Philippe LeMay-Boucher, Michel Tenikue)

Michael F. Scott

January 1988
"'The Rich Have Already Eaten...' Roots of Catastrophe in Central America"
(w/Solon L. Barraclough)

Rev. Timothy R. Scully, CSC

September 1990
"Reappraising the Role of the Center: The Case of the Chilean Party System"

July 1993
"From Democracy to Democracy: Continuities and Changes of Electoral Choices and the Party System in Chile"
(w/J. Samuel Valenzuela)

July 1994
"The Political Underpinnings of Economic Liberalization in Chile"

March 2007
"The Enduring Presence of Religion in Chilean Ideological Positionings and Voter Options"
(w/Nicolás Somma, J. Samuel Valenzuela)

December 2009
"Social and Political Effects of Religiosity and Religious Identities in Latin America"
(w/Nicolás Somma, J. Samuel Valenzuela)

Kenneth P. Serbin

October 1992
"State Subsidization of Catholic Institutions in Brazil, 1930-1964: A Contribution to the Economic and Political History of the Church"

August 1996
"Church-State Reciprocity in Contemporary Brazil: The Convening of the International Eucharistic Congress of 1955 in Rio de Janeiro"

January 1998
"The Anatomy of a Death: Repression, Human Rights, and the Case of Alexandre Vannucchi Leme in Authoritarian Brazil"

February 1999
"The Catholic Church, Religious Pluralism, and Democracy in Brazil"

Gulnaz Sharafutdinova

February 2007
"Crony Capitalism and Democracy: Paradoxes of Electoral Competition in Russia's Regions"

Donald Share

December 1984
"Transitions from Above: Democratization in Brazil and Spain"
(w/Scott Mainwaring)

Matthew Shugart

July 1993
"Juan Linz, Presidentialism, and Democracy: A Critical Appraisal"
(w/Scott Mainwaring)

Endre Sik

February 1995
"Network Capital in Capitalist, Communist, and Post-Communist Societies"

Ajit Singh

April 1990
"The State of Industry in the Third World in the 1980s: Analytical and Policy Issues"

August 1991
"The Institution of a Stockmarket in a Socialist Economy: Notes on the Chinese Economic Reform Program"

March 1994
"Asian Economic Success and Latin American Failure in the 1980s: New Analyses and Future Policy Implications"

Svend-Erik Skaaning

June 2014
"A Lexical Index of Electoral Democracy"
(w/John Gerring and Henrikas Bartusevičius)

Thomas E. Skidmore

April 1992
"Fact and Myth: Discovering a Racial Problem in Brazil"

David Smilde

September 2002
"Contradiction without Paradox: Evangelical Political Culture in the 1998 Venezuelan Elections"

Richard Snyder

July 2004
"Does Lootable Wealth Breed Disorder? A Political Economy of Extraction Framework"

Horacio Sobarzo

October 2004
"Tax Effort and Tax Potential of State Governments in Mexico: A Representative Tax System"

Andrés Solimano

August 1986
"A Simple Macro Model for a Semi-Industrialized Economy Facing a Binding External Constraint"
(w/Patricio Meller)

Ottón Solís

November 2011
"Subsidizing Multinational Corporations: Is That a Development Policy?"


Nicolás Somma

March 2007
"The Enduring Presence of Religion in Chilean Ideological Positionings and Voter Options"
(w/Timothy R. Scully, CSC, J. Samuel Valenzuela)

December 2009
"Social and Political Effects of Religiosity and Religious Identities in Latin America"
(w/Timothy R. Scully, CSC, J. Samuel Valenzuela)

Rose J. Spalding

March 1994
"Capitalists and Revolution"

David Stark

December 1988
"Toward an Institutional Analysis of State Socialism"
(w/Victor Nee)

August 1989
"Bending the Bars of the Iron Cage: Bureaucratization and Informalization in Capitalism and Socialism"

Evelyne Huber Stephens

May 1989
"Capitalist Development and Democracy in South America"

John D. Stephens

November 1987
"Democratic Transition and Breakdown in Europe, 1870-1939: A Test of the Moore Thesis"

December 2012
"The Corporatist Political Economies: From Industrial Corporatism to the Social Investment State in the Knowledge Intensive Service Economy"
(w/Jingjing Huo)

April 2015
"Power, Markets, and Top Income Shares"
(w/Evelyne Huber and Jingjing Huo)

Marcia Stephenson

September 2002
"The Impact of an Indigenous Counterpublic Sphere on the Practice of Democracy: The Taller de Historia Oral Andina in Bolivia"

Joseph Stevano

March 1996
"The Political Economy of Regional Development and Cooperation in Pacific Basin, with Special Reference to APEC-A Rapporteurs' Report"
(w/William Barnes)

Herbert Stocker

July 1996
"Changes in the International Distribution of Income"

Wolfgang Streeck

August 1991
"From National Corporatism to Transnational Pluralism: European Interest Politics and the Single Market"

March 1996
"German Capitalism: Does it Exist? Can It Survive?"

Carol D. Stuart

June 1998
"The Changing Status of Children in Latin America: Issues in Child Health and Children's Rights-A Rapporteur's Report"


Mariela Szwarcberg

July 2011
"The Microfoundations of Political Clientelism: Lessons from the Argentine Case"




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