Knott Hall

Knott Hall isn't a dorm. It isn't a community. It's a family. It's a brotherhood of men united by love, faith, and a mutual commitment to excellence.

- Mick Hammock, Class of 2013

Knott Hall named 2012-2013 Men's Hall of the Year

"Junior Denver Lobo, former co-president of Knott, said a main goal for the dorm was to [to target] the mind, body, and spirit to build a well-rounded resident who was constantly trying to go above and beyond the status quo."

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Knott Declares University's newest Quadrangle, Knott Quad

"On April 26, 2013, [Knott] declared the land between Knott Hall and the B2 parking lot, stretching from the N 41° 42’ 13.8895’’ parallel to the N 41° 42’ 10.0398’’parallel, as 'Knott Quadrangle.'"

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