Kara Scheer

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48 Maple Street
Clarendon Hills, IL 60514


I just recently graduated from the University of Notre Dame where I studied Graphic Design and Economics. I realize that most people find that a strange combination, but I love it! Studying both allowed me to expand my creative, analytic, and problem solving skills. I am extremely passionate about design and truly believe that design can affect positive change in the world. This passion has led me to so many exciting opportunities like working for the Notre Dame Office of Admissions and travelling to Ghana to work with disadvantaged artisans. Now, after graduation, I am excited for what the future holds and what opportunities await me! I am looking for a creative position that allows me to expand as a designer and challenges me.

Beyond creating and problem solving, I enjoy drawing, singing a bit too loud, and reading about anything and everything. I have an odd obsession with book covers, tea, sheep, bunnies, and the color yellow. Oh... and did I mention I was on the Women's Boxing Team in college? :)