Lei Liu, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Dept. Electrical Engineering

University of Notre Dame

208C Cushing Hall

Phone: 574-631-1628

Welcome to the Terahertz Circuits and Systems Research Laboratory at the University of Notre Dame. We are a part of the Department of Electrical Engineering in the College of Engineering. This laboratory studies the electromagnetic waves in the frequency range of 0.1 to 10 THz (THz region). We seek to develop integrated THz circuits and systems based on novel devices and materials, and apply the developed THz technologies to other important areas such as radio astronomy, instrumentation, biological sensing, chemical spectroscopy, medical analysis,  security, and defense.

THz Circuits and Systems Lab


· 02/28/17 Our paper on THz 2D beam steering and forming antennas accepted by IEEE Trans. On THz Sci. Technol. (IEEE TST).

· 11/29/16 Our paper on advanced THz sensing and imaging systems based on III-V interband tunneling devices accepted by Proc. of the IEEE.

· 11/29/16 We investigated and demonstrated prototype optically-controlled THz waveguide attenuator/modulator with high performance (paper accepted by IEEE TST).

· 08/31/16 Dr. Liu gave invited talk on tunable/reconfigurable THz devices for advanced imaging and adaptive wireless communication at SPIE Optics + Phonics, San Diego, CA.

· 04/10/16 Dr. Liu gave invited talk at Nanjing University, Nanjing, China.

· 08/15/15 One graduate research assistant position for advanced THz sensing and imaging is available. Please contact us to apply (position filled).

· 08/01/15 Collaborative research on advanced (i.e., frequency-tunable and polarization-resolved) THz detectors and focal-plane arrays funded by NSF.

· 05/25/15 Dr. Liu served as a Session Co-Chair at 2015 IEEE IMS, in Phoenix, AZ.

· 02/25/15 Student Z. Jiang selected as a recipient of IEEE MTT-S Graduate Fellowship Award, Congratulations!

· 02/02/15 Student M. I. B. Shams’s paper accepted by 2015 IMS in Phoenix, AZ.

· 12/10/14 We demonstrated 750 GHz beam-steering and forming antennas for potential adaptive THz wireless communication and short-range interconnection.

· 11/20/14 We demonstrated antenna-coupled integrated HBD devices with record-high nonlinearity (i.e., curvature coefficient of –58V-1) for THz detection.

· 10/25/14 Dr. Liu selected to serve as a TPRC member for International Microwave Symposium (IMS).

· 07/28/14 Student S. Rahman’s IRMMW-THz paper on integrated 585 GHz HBD focal-plane arrays selected for invited keynote presentation. Congratulations!

· 06/10/14 Student M. I. B. Shams won AD&T Berry Family Foundation Fellowship. Congratulations!

· 05/20/14 Our work on THz CAI  using compressed sensing featured by Electronics Letters (Feature Story—Seeing Through a Mask).

· 02/07/14 Student Zhenguo Jiang’s paper accepted by 2014 IMS in Tampa, FL.

· 11/01/13 We demonstrated nearly real-time photo-induced THz coded-aperture imaging for tracking moving objects.

· 09/01/13 We demonstrated all-electronic tunable and reconfigurable THz circuit elements using reverse-biased varactor Schottky diodes (Invited paper in IET MAP).

· 05/01/13 500-750 GHz vector network analyzer (VNA) purchased. Potential collaborations are welcome.

· 02/10/13 Student Syed Rahman’s paper accepted by 2013 IMS in Seattle, WA.

· 01/15/13 Two projects for tunable and reconfigurable THz devices have been posted at ND NURF. $5,250 each will be awarded for 3 months summer research (deadline: 02/08/12). To apply, please click here.

· 12/10/12 Students’ (Zhenguo and Syed) paper won  2012 IEEE Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference (APMC 2012) Student Prize (as advisor). Student’s paper (Berardi) won 2012 IRMMW-THz conference Best Student Paper Award (as co-advisor).

· 10/01/12 Two graduate research assistant positions  (Microwave Engr., Electromagnetic Waves, Transmission Lines, Waveguides, Antennas, Semiconductor Devices, starting Spring and Fall 2013) are available. To apply, please contact Dr. Liu.

· 09/25/12 Dr. Liu gave invited keynote talk at IRMMW-THz in Wollongong, Australia.

· 04/24/12 Collaborative research on THz coded-aperture imaging using graphene modulators funded by NSF.

· 03/22/12 ESTEEM student working on THz project recognized as rising star in Africa.

· 01/16/12 Two THz projects for NDnano NURF program have been posted. $5,000 each will be awarded for 3 months summer research (deadline: 02/17/12). To apply, please click here.

· 01/12/12 New course EE47013 (also EE 67047) Microwave and THz Circuits, Components and Systems open for registration.

· 01/10/12 Research on THz microfluidic approach of chemical and biological sensing funded by the University of Notre Dame Faculty Research Support Program (FRSP).

· 11/30/11 Our research attracts new business start-up to Indiana.

· 04/10/11 One graduate research assistant position for THz mixers/receivers is available. Please contact us to apply (Position filled).

· 04/08/11 Research on multiband, ultrasensitive THz imaging mixers/receivers funded by NSF.

· 02/11/11 Two THz projects for NDnano Undergraduate Research Fellowships (NURF) program have been posted. $5,000 each will be awarded for 3 months summer research (deadline: 02/11/11). To apply, please click here (Positions filled).

· 08/01/10 Lab receives funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for high-performance THz imaging devices.

· 08/01/10 Two graduate research assistant positions for developing THz focal-plane imaging arrays are available. To apply, please contact us (Positions filled).


Demonstration of Photo-Induced THz CAI Approaching Real-Time Performance.





Tunable/Reconfigurable THz Circuit Elements Using Varactor Schottky Diodes.