Letter from the Rectress


Dear Newest Lyons Ladies,

            Welcome to the most wonderful dorm on campus! While many dorms will be claiming this, you will soon learn that this is truly genuine of Lyons Hall. I have met some of the most wonderful women in this dorm and am proud to call them my friends.  Before you know it you will be calling Lyons home.  Over your orientation weekend, or as us Domers call it, Frosh-O, and throughout your freshman year we hope to help you find your niche here in Lyons and under the Dome.  The process into college is a very exciting yet anxious time but have no fear, your future dorm-mates and especially the Frosh-O Staff will be with you every step of the way.
            I hope that you are excited for the upcoming freshmen orientation festivities. I cannot explain in words how excited I am for this year’s Frosh-O. The girls chosen to guide you are the most amazing group of fun girls who have worked endlessly to make this the best Frosh-O ever. We want to make sure that we make this transition as easy and as fun as possible so we have organized a weekend of entertaining and insightful activities. We have planned the activities for the orientation weekend so that you will have plenty of time to meet new people and feel comfortable in you new home at ND. A copy of the tentative schedule of activities, events, and meetings that you will attend are located in the Schedule tab.
            This website is designed specifically for you.  Its purpose is to serve as a helpful guide to life under the golden dome so please explore it.  As the date gets closer, you may want to get yourself familiarized with the different aspects of ND life.  Many of the questions you have will probably be answered within these pages.  If you still need help please feel free to email one of the girls on the Frosh-O Staff, including myself, or go to the FAQ page and submit your question there.  You will also want to be on the lookout for little paw prints like this one:. These are an indication of a little piece of advice I have implemented regarding the subject. Also, please do not forget to fill out the RSVP form, located on this page!!!!
            The fun continues long after Frosh-O.  You will have the opportunity to participate in countless clubs and activities.  Whatever your activity, interest, or passion you enjoy, I’m certain that Notre Dame has a place for you.  One thing I don’t want you to miss out on is our first pep rally! The whole dorm goes in black dresses and lions ears that we make early on in the year. So don’t forget your LBD!
            I know that Frosh-O will be only one of the many memorable experiences you will have during your four years at Notre Dame. We want you to be comfortable in your new home under the arch just like so many of us are. Please don’t hesitate to contact either myself or any of the other Frosh-O Staff. For any general questions please email us at


Welcome to Lyons Hall!

Pati Navas
Frosh-O Website Coordinator