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Dr. Schmid’s Textbook Support Page

In these pages you will find presentations, links, videos and other files associated with Dr. Schmid’s books in manufacturing, design and tribology. Use the links given above to direct to the particular book of interest. The abbreviations are as follows:

  1. BulletMPEM: Manufacturing Processes for Engineering Materials, 5th ed., by S. Kalpakjian and S.R. Schmid.

  2. BulletMET: Manufacturing Engineering and Technology, 5th ed., by S. Kalpakjian and S.R. Schmid.

  3. BulletFME: Fundamentals of Machine Elements, 3rd ed., by S.R. Schmid, B.J. Hamrock, and B. Jacobson.

  4. BulletFFFL: Fundamentals of Fluid Film Lubrication, 2nd. ed., by B.J. Hamrock, S.R. Schmid and B. Jacobson.

Note: No solutions manuals are included in these pages. If you are an instructor, you can obtain a copy of a solutions manual by contacting the publisher directly.