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PhD Program in Mathematics

The primary graduate program is the PhD in Mathematics. All students admitted to this program receive financial support, with a full fellowship in the first year. Current students are pursuing exciting projects in a variety of areas. (See Research areas.) For a detailed description of the PhD program and requirements, see the Regulations for Doctoral Students in Mathematics.

Interdisciplinary study is possible, but it requires extra dedication. Two students have completed a joint PhD in Chemical Engineering and Mathematics. Another student has completed a joint PhD in Mathematics and Philosophy, and some further students are now attempting this combination. (See Interdisciplinary study.)

The Higher Learning Commission asks programs to provide a statement of "learning goals''. Here are the goals for the PhD in Mathematics:

1. Students learn to carry out original research at the frontier in some area of mathematics.

2. Students learn to explain the results of their research effectively, both orally and in writing.

The courses, seminars, and individual work with the thesis advisor and other members of the thesis committee, are all designed to help students meet these goals.


Masters Degrees

Students who just want a Masters degree in Mathematics are not normally considered for admission. Current students working toward a PhD who want a Masters degree may request one after passing the candidacy examinations and taking 30 credit hours.

Research Areas and Faculty

"Mathematics in Science,...'' includes optimization, discrete mathematics/probability, ergodic theory, financial mathematics, and several areas of mathematical physics.

If you are primarily interested in statistics, mathematical biology, numerical solutions to partial differential equations, or geometric computation, you should consider applying to the newly formed Department of Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics.

Faculty Members

Applying to the PhD Program in Mathematics

  Application Deadline: January 7  Apply Now

Application Advice and Points to Remember

  • Apply early.
  • Submit electronic copies only of all supporting materials. Do not mail paper copies to the Graduate School. The system will not allow you to submit your application without first uploading your transcript. This can be a web/unofficial version or official. If you have a sealed envelope from your institution, please open it, scan your transcript, and upload it into the application. If your letter writers prefer to mail paper copies of recommendations; ask them to contact the Math Department.
  • The GRE Subject score is required in order to apply. Contact the Math Department if you have not taken the GRE Subject test.
  • Indicating your research interest(s) is helpful.  Areas of interest within Mathematics can be discussed in the Statement of Intent, uploaded as an additional document, and/or briefly summarized in the "Area of Specialization" field on the application form itself.  Sample papers uploaded as additional documents are also welcome.
  • If you are having problems completing your application, or using the AY system, especially in early January, please contact Peter Cholak ( or Beth VerVelde ( Professor Knight can advise you on what to include in your application, what the admissions panel considers, etc. Ms. VerVelde can help upload documents in case the AY system gives you trouble.

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