Poster Campaign

In the past, we’ve gotten complaints and questions about the pose on our posters. Some say it looks too tough, too stereotypically masculine, like the men in the photos are about to be violent themselves. The truth is, we’ve tried photos of smiling men before, and it looks like they’re laughing about the very serious issues of rape, sexual assault and domestic violence. The pose is meant to convey firm opposition, a tough stance against these terrible crimes. Also, all our statistics come from Since these stats were produced through empirical research, we didn’t feel comfortable changing the way they are worded. However, it is important to note that most of the stats describe victims, such as “9 or 10 rape victims in 2003 were women.” Our big problem with these statistics, and the larger body of literature regarding rape and sexual assault, is that they are worded so as to make the issue centered on women. They leave out who is doing the raping and assaulting and, sadly, it’s almost always men. Rape MUST be a men’s issue when 99% of rapes are committed by men, against women. It’s time to take a stand, gentlemen. Look for us in the upcoming weeks at the dining halls; take the pledge, be a real man!