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Shawn Pulscher
(nominated by Dustin Ruch)

Shawn Pulscher is the type of person who gets people organized and gets things done. As the head of the student activities committee Shawn has done an excellent job of organizing fun events for the entire MBA student body. For example, every home football game, Shawn wakes up at the crack of dawn, on a Saturday, to set up one of the best tailgates on campus.

He selflessly gives all of his time to make sure that every MBA student enjoys their Notre Dame Football experience. In addition, Shawn makes sure to keep all of the MBA’s up to date on social activities taking place every week. Through this type of work, Shawn makes every student feel like they are well connected within the entire Notre Dame community. Because of his commitment, Shawn inspires me to strive for excellence in all that I do and care about those around me.

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