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Dag Brummett
(nominated by Andy Mitchell)

I was in the MBA lounge last week and saw Dag Brummett speaking with one of our international classmates. I sat there for a while before I noticed that Dag was speaking much more slowly than usual. As I listened, it became clear that Dag was filling in this classmate on what had transpired in a meeting that had just ended. He answered questions and asked a few questions himself. Terms like "low hanging fruit" and "home run" can be mighty confusing to non native speakers.
I was extremely impressed with his commitment to our community and as demonstrated by his admirable patience.

I know how eager I am to move on after long meetings, so for Dag to stay and review shows strong commitment to our values. I believe this commitment demonstrates Dag’s integrity. I have followed his lead and have stayed after meetings to review and answer questions with international classmates. I have seen other colleagues do the same thing, and the result is undeniably more camaraderie and higher productivity. Our international classmates have a tremendous amount of experience and expertise; special thanks to Dag for recognizing that fact and demonstrating how we can all benefit from their perspective.

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