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Lauren Fischer
(nominated by Dan BonAnno)

I would like to nominate Lauren Fischer as someone who demonstrates the value of spirituality in the MBA community. Earlier this year, I decided to finally get confirmed and started attending the confirmation classes at the University. I chose to have Lauren as my confirmation sponsor because I knew she would embrace the role.

Sponsors are not required to attend confirmation class, but Lauren does not miss a single one. As chairperson of the faith committee, Lauren puts enormous amounts of energy into events and recently started hosting monthly graduate student masses. As graduate students, I think many of us miss out on the “Spirit of Notre Dame,” but these masses are a way for us all to get involved spiritually. In class, Lauren values the faith of all of her classmates and is very respectful and open to the spiritual dimensions of each of her classmates. Although many students at Notre Dame value spirituality, Lauren Fischer stands out amongst her peers.

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