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In order to receive an application to the Graduate School (due February 1), applicants for the M.Div. program must file a pre-application form directly with the M.Div. program. Students admitted to the M.Div. program are eligible for full-tuition scholarships, which are renewable for the duration of the three-year program. To receive more information and the pre-application form, please contact: 

Director, Master of Divinity Program 
131 Malloy Hall 
University of Notre Dame 
Notre Dame, IN 46556-4619 
(574) 631-4256 
Email: Mdiv.mdiv.1@nd.edu

Fill Out our On-Line Pre-Application by pressing HERE!
Applicants are admitted to the M.Div. program according to the norms and procedures of the University's Graduate School. Continuance in the program is based on the students cumulative grade point average, performance in field education and skills courses, the annual academic review by the theology faculty and the Graduate Schools regulations. 

Prerequisites for Admission
1. The completion of a bachelors degree.
2. Evidence of a capacity for independent study and scholarship. Such evidence is offered by (a) grade point average, as attested by transcripts of study for the bachelor's degree and any graduate work; (b) GRE scores of at least 500 in both verbal and quantitative, and 4.0 or higher on the analytical writing section; (c) recommendations from three instructors.
3. At least 18 semester credit hours in philosophy or the equivalent, and 12 credit hours in theology or religious studies.
4. Evidence of a mature personality capable of ministering to others. To this end, at least one recommendation supporting the candidates ability for ministerial leadership is to be submitted.
5. At least one year of full-time service work, preferably in ministry in the Catholic Church.
6. An autobiography written according to a form specified by the M.Div. admissions committee.
7. A letter of intent specific to the M.Div. program which sets forth the goals of the candidate for Christian ministry, and a view of how the M.Div. program will address the candidates goals.
8. A personal interview, usually held at the University, with representatives of the M.Div. program.

All M.Div. students receive a full tuition scholarship.

To receive information regarding application to the Congregation of Holy Cross, please contact: 

Director, Vocations 
Moreau Seminary 
University of Notre Dame 
Notre Dame, IN 46556 
(574) 631-6385 
Check out the Vocation Department Website at: http://www.nd.edu/~vocation
Email: vocation.1@nd.edu

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