My current research focuses on multimodal and collaborative interfaces, particularly
for acute care resuscitation. My research interests include human-computer interaction, affective computing,
health informatics, and mobile applications.

I am currently a PhD. candidate in the Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering at the
University of Notre Dame. I work in the Robotics, Health, and Communication Lab under
the direction of Dr. Laurel D. Riek. I am also an Adobe GEM Fellow and DOE GAANN Fellow.

Current Research Focus

Interactive Workspaces

My research focuses on understanding the effects of different interactive modalities tailored to specific environments or scenarios. My goal is to promote effective information sharing and visualization.

Interactive Tasks and Workflows

My current research involves the creation of interactive workflows for collaborative tasks. This work aims to help people perform group-based tasks in an effective manner with the goal of reducing errors.

Supporting Collaboration

My work aims to promote effective collaboration by utilizing different modes of information sharing, so that individuals can learn and work effectively as a group.

Facilitating Communication

My current work focuses on the creation of interfaces that help facilitate communication between people in environments where it is difficult, yet criticially important (e.g., medical settings).

Recent Projects

Multimodal Shared Cognitive Aids

Up to 400,000 people may die each year as a result of preventable medical errors. We're developing hands-free and multimodal interfaces to facilitate situational awareness in collaborative tasks and procedures. Work in this area is still ongoing.

Pain Synthesis on Virtual Avatars

The ability for healthcare providers to identify pain in patients is of critical importance. We introduce a novel method using performance-driven synthesis in virtual avatars for tools that may one day help train providers to better recognize pain.

I am thankful to the following organizations for generously supporting my work:

The Adobe Foundation The National GEM Consortium Department of Education