About me

Hello, my name is Michael J. Gonzales. I am currently a PhD. candidate in the Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Notre Dame. My current research focuses on applications of collaborative and augmented reality interfaces for acute care resuscitation. I work in the Robotics, Health, and Communication Lab under the direction of Dr. Laurel D. Riek. I am also an Adobe GEM Fellow and DOE GAANN Fellow.

Research Concentration

Human-Computer Interaction & UX Design

My current research focuses on the design and evaluation of new interfaces and interaction paradigms for collaborative environments, so that I can improve problem areas facing users.

Health Informatics

My current research aims to improve current methods and technology used in healthcare settings. This involves improving data visualization, employing adaptable technology, and creating interactive workspaces for teams.

Affective Computing

My research also touches upon the areas of affective computing, aimed at the design and development of technology that can adapt and respond to human affective states.

I am thankful to the following organizations for generously supporting my work:

The Adobe Foundation The National GEM Consortium Department of Education

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