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Welcome to the Miller Group Webpage! Our research uses a mixture of synthetic organic chemistry and bioorganic chemistry to develop new methods in an effort to study, prevent, and cure disease. Please feel free to browse around to find more information about Dr. Miller, our research, our group members, or our publications.

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News and Updates

2013-05-18 - Ms. Elizabeth Springer has successfully completed her M.S. degree. We wish her well in her future endeavors.

2012-11-27- Our group wishes to congratulate Dr. Cheng Ji on the successful completion of his studies. We wish him well as he moves on to his Post-Doctoral work at Sloan-Kettering.

2012-08-18 - The Miller Group wishes to congratulate Maria (Drietz) Jobbins on her wedding to fellow graduate student Matthew Jobbins

2012-05-07 - Dr. Raul E. Juarez-Hernandez has successfully defended his doctoral dissertation. The group wishes him well as he moves on to Case Western Reserve University to serve as an instructor.

2011-09-01 - Mr. Andrew Ward has completed his M.S. degree. The Miller Group wishes him well in his future endeavors.

2011-08-18 - Our group wishes to congratulate Dr. Timothy Wencewicz for the completion of his studies. He moves on to Harvard University for his Post-Doctoral work.

2011-01-05 - The Miller Group welcomes Mark Majewski, Liz Springer, and Kyle Watson as the newest graduate students of the group. Best wishes in your academic careers.

2010-04-16 - Dr. Lawrence Tardibono has successfully defended his doctoral dissertation, the Miller Group praises his accomplishments and wishes him a prosperous professional career.

2010-03-03 - We congratulate Dr. Baiyuan Yang after the completion of his graduate degree. He will continue his remarkable run at The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla.

2009-12-21 - The Miller Group congratulates Dr. Cara Cesario for the completion of her studies. We wish for all her future endeavors to be more bright and successful.

2009-12-10 - Our lab welcomes Maria Drietz and Nicole Windmon as the newest members of the Miller Group, the best wishes in your academic careers.

2009-08-02 - Congratulations to Leslie Patterson on the arrival of her first child, Ashlin Danette, born August 2, 2009. Our best wishes to the new family.

2009-05-22 - Jonathan Stefely has finished his studies at Notre Dame and is moving to Wisconsin-Madison to pursue his M.D.-Ph.D. The members of the Miller Lab wish him the best of successes in his future career.

2009-04-07 - The Miller Lab congratulates Joshua Bolger for his Ph.D. defense. We wish him much success at his Post-Doctoral position in South Carolina.

2009-04-07 - Mr. Jerod Patzner has completed his M.S. degree, the members of the Miller Group wish him success in his upcoming projects.

Changes have been made to the publications page. Graphical abstracts are now included in the list of the most recent publications. DOI links have been added to the publications page for all journal articles from 2000 to the current year.

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