Symposium and Dinner in honor of

Dr. Taylan Altan


Dr. Altan is a Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department and the Integrated Systems Engineering Department at Ohio State University, where he directs the Center for Net Shape Manufacturing. He is a Founding Member of NAMRI, and an indefatigable expert on metal forming.

Dr. Altan’s
major research capabilities include a) simulation and optimization of forging, sheet forming, hydroforming and metal cutting processes, b) cold precision forging using multiple action tooling, c) blank holder force control in stamping, d) die and mold manufacturing including high speed milling, and e) rapid tool manufacturing and prototyping of products and processes.  Other interests include comparison of manufacturing education in various countries and industry related research and education.



The specific topics of interest for this symposium include, but are not limited to:

•Advances in Forging Processes, Machines and Tooling 

•Advances in Stamping Processes, Machines and Tooling

•Advances in Tube Hydroforming Processes

•Advances in Machining Process Simulations

•Advances in Metal Forming Tribology

•Advances in FE Software Development for Metal forming and Machining Simulations


Authors and presenters are invited to participate in this event to promote and foster the understanding of deformation processes, modeling of machining processes, and process simulations via the finite element techniques. These are, among the major research areas that Prof. Altan has contributed significantly during his career. Dissemination of knowledge by presenting research results, new developments, and novel concepts will serve as the foundation upon which the symposium will be developed.

Paper Submission

For planning purposes, authors are requested to send a short abstract to the symposium organizers by Sept 15, 2011. Full manuscripts are due by November 25, 2011.

Conference Organizers

Gracious Ngaile, North Carolina State University, USA (

Tugrul Özel, Rutgers University, USA (

Elisabetta Ceretti, University of Brescia, ITALY (