Summer 2005

John Baeten: Porod/Bernstien: Microneedles

Lea Dulatas: Brown: Ferrocene project

Jeremy Hochstedler: Porod/Fay/Bernstein: Nanoantennas

Brian Selgrade: Woertz/Alber: Modeling Biofilm growth

Geoffrey Lynn: Meisel: Targeted radiolytic destruction of biomolecules

Babu Singh: Lieberman/Bernstein: Molecular Liftoff

Bryan Kaiser Stroube: Porod/Fay/Bernstein: Nanoantennas

Robert Wilson: Meisel: targeted radiolytic destruction of miomolecules

Adam Wolf: Imre/Porod: Nanomagnetics

Kaylie Young: Kamat :Semiconductor nanoparticles as chemical sensors

Miklós ImreTomcsányi: Snider: Nanoelectronic Device fabrication and characterization

Gergo Péter Szakmány: Harland: Optical properties of nanoparticles

Edit Varga: Imre/Porod: Nanomagnetics

Summer 2006

Summer 2006 students tour the IC Fabrication Facility (Clean room)

Tour of the Integrated Circuit Fabrication facility at Notre Dame (the Clean Room)

After discussions in 2006  with Graham Peaslee and Brian Coppola, Notre Dame, Hope  College and the University of Michigan instituted a Tri-University Undergraduate Research  Symposium.  The first one, sponsored by the ND office of research, was held at Notre Dame  on August 10, 2006 and had 54 participants;  the second one was held at Notre Dame's new  science learning building on August 5, 2007.  89 poster abstracts and 9 oral presentations  made this meeting quite an event.  In 2008, the meeting will be held at U. Michigan, and in  2009 at Hope, then it will rotate back to Notre Dame for 2010.

Summer 2007

18 students participated in the summer 2007 program.  Roughly equal numbers of chemical engineers, chemists and biochemists, physics majors, and electrical engineers were selected.   3/4 of the projects involved some form of collaboration—either multiple mentors, or students from engineering and science disciplines working together. Student reactions:  “The amount I learned in ND’s nanofabrication facilities was absolutely astounding.”  “it was the most diverse, inviting, fun, inclusive, and friendly group of people I have ever met.”'….graduate  school has turned from a maybe to a must.'  'I have taken the GRE because of this  program.  I look forward to going to grad school, hopefully at ND.'  'The program gave me a lot to think  about in terms of career plans.  I had been pretty strongly looking to get an MD...[it] is  making me re-think my plans.' 'This program solidified my desire to go to graduate  school...I still want to tackle the energy problem.'