Volume 18, Number 1, 1994



Editorial Note

Fred Dallmayr


Edward Said and the Historians
John M. Mackenzie

Women, Literature, and National Brotherhood
Mary Louise Pratt

Englishness, Travel, and Theory: Writing the West Indies in the Nineteenth Century
Simon Gikandi

"What Is It For?": Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak on the Functions of the Postcolonial Critic
An Interveiw with Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak and Gloria-Jean Masciarotte

Territorial and Extraterritorial: Moments from Irish Writing. A Note
Seamus Deane


Edward W. Said, Culture and Imperialsim
[Bruce Robbins]

Nicholas B. Dirks, ed., Colonialism and Culture
[Jyotsna Ramarathnam]

Laura E. Donaldson, Decolonizing Feminisms: Race, Gender, and Empire-Building

Julia V. Emberley, Thresholds of Difference: Feminist Critique, Native Women's Writings, Postcolonial Theory
[Laura J. George]

Moira Ferguson, Subject to Others: British Women Writers and Colonial Slavery, 1670-1834
[Mary Angela Schwer]

Kari J. Winter, Subjects of Slavery, Agents of Change: Women and Power in Gothic Novels and Slave Narratives, 1790-1865
[Susan Balée]

C. Peter Ripley, ed., Witness for Freedom
[Tommy Lott]

David Spurr, The Rhetoric of Empire: Colonial Discourse in Journalism, Travel Writing, and Imperial Administration
[Maria H. Frawley]

Nigel Leask, British Romantic Writers and the East: Anxieties of Empire
[Mary Favret]

Jim Zwick, ed., Mark Twain's Weapons of satire: Anti-Imperialist Writings on the Philippine-American War
[Richard D. Fulton]

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