Volume 18, Number 3, 1994



Oscar and George
Terry Eagleton

Ethnologies of the Primitive in Adolf Loos's Writings on Ornament
Mitchell Schwarzer

The Monstrous Other: The Chimera of Speculation in Balzac's The Girl with the Golden Eyes
Marie Josephine Diamond

Blake's Vortex: The Quantum Tunnel in Milton
Mark Lussier



[Laura Haigwood]

Katherine Fischer Taylor, In the Theatre of Criminal Justice: The Palais de Justice in Second Empire Paris
[Robert Hendrick]

Margot C. Finn, After Chartism: Class and Nation in English Radical Politics, 1848-1874

Felix Driver, Power and Pauperism: The Workhouse System, 1834-1884
[Nan Hackett]

Dominic Lieven, The Aristocracy in Europe, 1815-1914
[Carl Dyke]

Clyde de L. Ryals, Kenneth J. Fielding, Ian Campbell, Aileen Christianson, Hilary J. Smith, eds., The Collected Letters of Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle
[Chris R. Vanden Bossche]

Christine L. Krueger, The Reader's Repentance: Women Preachers, Women Writers, and Nineteenth-Century Social Discourse
Sharon A. Winn and Lynn M. Alexander, eds., The Slaughter-House of Mammon: An Anthology of Victorian Social Protest Literature
[F. S. Schwarzbach]

Barbara T. Cooper and Mary Donaldson-Evans, eds., Modernity and revolution in Late Nineteenth-Century France
[Freeman G. Henry]

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