Volume 18, Number 4, 1995



Et in Arcadia Nos
Peter W. Graham

Bloods int he Street: London Street Culture, "Industrial Literacy," and the Emergence of Mass Culture in Victorian England
Edward Jacobs

Mark of the Vampire: Arnold Paole, Sade, Polidori
Troy Boone

The Queerness of Lucy Snowe
Ann Weinstone

Caricature as Containment: Orientalism, Bondage, and the Construction of Mormon Ethnicity in Nineteenth-Century American Popular Fiction
Terryl Givens



Patricia Mainardi, The End of the Salon: Art and the State in the Early Third Republic
[Therese Dolan]

Oliver Millar, The Victorian Pictures in the Collection of Her Majesty the Queen
[Debra N. Mancoff]

Roy Porter, Ed., The Popularization of Medicine 1650-1850

[Christopher Hamlin]

Sally M. Promey, Spiritual Spectacles: Vision and Image in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Shakerism
[Constance Faulkner]

Joanne Jacobson, Authority and Alliance in the Letters of Henry Adams
[Michael K. Green]

F. Rosen, Bentham, Byron, and Greece: Constitutionalism, Nationalism, and Early Liberal Political Thought
[Susan Spencer]

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