Volume 19, Number 3, 1996



Fantasy, Photography, and the Marketplace: Oliver Wendell Holmes and the Stereoscope
Nancy M. West

"The Listening Look": Visual and Verbal Metaphor in Frederic Leighton's Illustrations to George Eliot's Romola
Shawn Malley

Melville after Turner: "The Piazza," The Crayon, and Ruskin
Robert K. Wallace

Identity and Subjectivity in Edgar Degas's Mme Jeantaud Before a Mirror
Margaret F. Farr


David Worrall, Radical Culture: Discourse, Resistance and Surveillance, 1790-1820
Steven Goldsmith, Unbuilding Jerusalem: Apocalypse and Romantic Representation
Jerome Christensen, Lord Byron's Strength: Romantic Writing and Commercial Society
[Fred Botting]

Eric Lott, Love and Theft: Blackface Minstrelsy and the American Working Class
Eric J. Sundquist, To Wake the Nations: Race in the Making of American Literature
[Russ Castronovo]

Cathy A. Frierson, Peasant Icons: Representations of Rural People in Late Nineteenth-Century Russia

[Karen R. Smith]

William D. Brewer, The Shelley-Byron Conversation
[Stuart Peterfreund]

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